Udo’s Oil - 20 Year Anniversary


Founder of Udo’s Choice, Dr. Udo Erasmus talks to us on the 20 year anniversary of Udo’s Oil in Ireland.Here’s what he had to say:

“The work we do today is as important as it’s ever been. The Irish ‘get’ Udo’s Choice. It probably has something to do with all that intelligence packed between your ears. Maybe it’s inspired by your love for life and wanting to make it even better. Maybe both.

Blog-Udo-326x490I recently became the grandfather of a great little grandson. Looking back, one day I was someone’s kid; then I became a parent; now I’m officially ‘Grandpa’. Life is like this: an uncertain journey with many surprises you adjust to and learn to trust, as it continuously unfolds, until you become solidly settled in it. The Udo’s Choice journey was similar.

One day I got really sick, which forced me to think long and hard about what health is worth; out of that came a vision for health; then a process for protecting sensitive oils. Then the Udo’s Choice name was tagged to it. This was followed by helping our gut work better through better digestion. I had no idea then that we’d be here today, helping so many.

To all the Irish Udo’s Choice fans, a sincere thank you for 20 years of kind reception, friendship and willingness to listen, learn, and apply new understanding. Thank you for supporting what Udo’s Choice offers, and for the vision and hope we share of better living. Here’s to us all and the journey we’re on!”