Top 10 Tips To Boost Digestive Wellness

Join the Super 8 Four Week Challenge today and feel the digestive difference

1. Take a premium quality and strength microbiotic daily such as Udo’s Choice® Super 8 ideally at the same time everyday (so you don’t forget). Each Super 8 capsule is packed with 42 billion “good bacteria” supporting upper and lower bowel health. 

2. Chew food properly until it is liquid in consistency. This will ensure your digestive system has the best chance of doing its jobs properly. Take time to rest, enjoy and digest your food slowly. We are all guilty of eating on the run and dashboard dining at some stage. 

3. Hydrate with filtered water (ideally) in-between meals rather than during meals. Proper hydration may lessen the chances of constipation.

4. Eat smaller, lighter meals more often rather than large, heavy meals. And avoid eating too late at night so you don’t go to bed with a full tummy.

Portion Control

5. Be mindful of portion control and swap large plates for smaller and more convenient bowls.

6. Choose organic where possible. Why not grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs?

Grow Your Own Organic Food

7. Fill up on greens in particular e.g. broccoli, kale, spinach, peppers, etc. Packed full of nutrients and a great source of fibre.

8. Avoid alcohol and smoking. 

9. Exercise daily by doing something you love, walking, swimming, jogging etc.

10. Help to reduce stress by making time for you e.g. gardening, reading, massage, yoga, etc.

Take the Udo’s Choice Super 8 Challenge today and feel the digestive difference in just 4 weeks!

Udo's Choice Super 8

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