What Are Microbiotics?

'Good’ bacteria or Microbiotics (a.k.a probiotics) live in the intestinal tract. They are essential for good health and vitality at every age. However, poor diet, stressful situations, low quality food, travel tummy and ageing can all affect our levels of ‘good’ bacteria.

What are Microbiotics?

‘Bad’ or ‘unfavourable’ bacteria on the other hand, can cause microfloral imbalances that can lead to the loss of well-being and vitality. But everyday supplementation with Udo’s Choice® Microbiotics means this can be controlled.

Take Udo’s Choice Microbiotics every day to aid;

> A healthy stomach

> Natural immunity

> Proper digestion

> Unfavourable yeasts

Who should take Microbiotics? 

Everyone can benefit from taking Microbiotics. Udo’s Choice Microbiotics are age specific blends and are designed to support the body at each important life stage. They are also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, vegans and vegetarians.

Udo’s Choice Microbiotics are suitable for all the family and are packed full of the ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria needed to maintain a healthy body. Choose the right product below for your needs: 

> Super 5 Lozenges, 1 Billion good bacteria, 5+ Years

> Infant’s Blend Powder, 2 Billion good bacteria, 0-5 Years

> Children’s Blend Capsules, 4 Billion good bacteria, 5-15 Years

> Adult’s Blend Capsules, 12 Billion good bacteria, 16-65 Years

> Advanced Adults Blend Capsules, 24 Billion good bacteria, 65+ Years

> Super 8 Hi-Strength Capsules, 42 Billion good bacteria, 5+ Years

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