Why Take Microbiotics?

Over 400 different species and more than 100 trillion total bacteria live in the human intestinal tract. Friendly and ‘unfavourable’ bacteria form a delicate and constantly changing balance as they compete with each other. We may not realise it, but our complex digestive system is made up of the following important organs:

> The Mouth

> The Oesophagus

> The Stomach

> The Small Intestine

> The Large Intestine

> The Pancreas

> The Liver

> The Gall Bladder

While human beings usually start life with a relatively healthy intestinal tract, age, lifestyle and environmental factors such as poor eating habits, chlorinated drinking water, stress, disease, the use of antibiotics in food production as well as in medical treatments, travellers’ bugs, alcohol consumption, high sugar intake and a number of other factors can greatly reduce the number of ‘good’ bacteria in the gut.

When the ratio of ‘good’ bacteria is lowered, health concerns may arise, including:

x  Excessive gas

x  Bloating

x  Poor immunity

x  Low energy

x  Constipation

x  Diarrhoea

x  Candida

x  Thrush

x  Decreased nutrient absorption

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