With such a wide choice of microbiotic products on offer, it can be quite overwhelming to choose one that is multi-strained, potent and good value for money
A common question that has always been asked is, why some microbiotics are refrigerated and some are not. Udo’s Choice Microbiotics are live living cells and it is normal to have a potency decrease over time. The two main factors that kill live bacteria are heat and moisture so when kept in the fridge they are not exposed to humidity or high temperatures, refrigeration helps keep Udo’s Choice Microbiotics at their most potent for longer. That’s why you will always find Udo’s Choice Microbiotics in the fridge.

Udo’s Choice Microbiotics conducted a stability study to compare potency between live refrigerated and un-refrigerated products. The study was done on a 24 month period, at room temperature as well as in refrigerated conditions. The findings showed the product’s concentration and potency is much less affected when the product is refrigerated than when kept at room temperature. It evaluated a monthly loss of 1.6%, when the product was refrigerated, and 20% monthly loss of potency when the product was left at room temperature. So when refrigerated there is a dramatically smaller monthly loss of potency and a greater the level of friendly bacteria in your Udo’s Choice Microbiotic.

When you buy live refrigerated Udo’s Choice microbiotics you know that you are getting them at their most potent. All microbiotics including unrefrigerated or shelf stable products need to maintain their potency until the expiry date so make sure your microbiotic has plenty of viable cells until time of expiry rather than time of manufacture.

If you want value for money, products that maintain potency and quality, we strongly recommend keeping Udo’s Choice Microbiotics in the fridge.