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David Gillick's Turkey, Couscous and Feta Salad with Udo's Oil

Watch how David Gillick powers up his afternoon with this quick recipe. David Gillick is a retired international athlete, winner of Celebrity MasterChef and author of David Gillick's Kitchen.

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Get Moving with Udo’s Oil

We explore how to add more exercise into your daily routine We all know exercise and diet is the way to a long and healthy life. If your body is functioning at its optimum level, you’re going to think faster, feel happier, be more energetic and less stressed.

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Bacteria and Digestive Health

There’s no doubt about it - the stomach and the digestive process are the key to total health.

This is where your body digests your food, absorbs the nutrients from food and it is very much the centre of the body.

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A Healthy Gut Means Healthy Skin

Bernie Fahy, the skin specialist, shares some of tips to restore your gut and improve your skin too!

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