FAQ - Microbiotics

Microbiotic FAQs

How many Udo’s Choice Microbiotic capsules should I take?

Take 1 capsule after a meal up to 3 times per day. You cannot overdose on microbiotics, your body will get rid of what it doesn’t need.


When is the best time of the day to take Udo’s Choice Microbiotics?

After food. The moment you start eating food the % of ‘available’ damaging bile and other digestive juices goes down, making the environment in the stomach less acidic, so the pH level rises toward the alkaline. This is where microbiotics do their best work. That is why we suggest taking our microbiotics after a meal.


Can I take Udo’s Choice Microbiotics while on antibiotics?

Yes, please allow two hours between taking the antibiotic and the microbiotic. 


Are Udo’s Choice Microbiotics safe during pregnancy? 

Yes, they can help to build up the ‘friendly’ bacteria in the gut of the expectant mother. You can take up to 3 capsules per day in the last trimester. "Friendly‘’ bacteria  is passed onto the baby through the birth canal - this first bacteria the baby get is very important. Practice has shown B. infantis (bacteria found in the large intestine of the baby) was found in 60% of newborns vaginally born but only 9% of babies born by caesarean section.


Do Udo’s Choice Microbiotics have to be refrigerated?

Yes, they need to be refrigerated as this is the optimum temperature for the bacteria to survive.

They can survive short periods outside the fridge so it is no problem to bring them on holidays and put them into the fridge on arrival. They lose a very small % every month but they have huge levels of bacteria in each capsule to allow for this.


In what part of the digestive tract are the bacteria activated?

Lactobacilli are reactivated in the small intestine. Bifidobacteria in the large intestine. 


Why aren't Udo’s Choice Microbiotics in enteric capsules?

Our capsules could have been enteric coated because we do have this technology. It was our choice to avoid this, and it is OK since our strains are strong and have been proven to travel through the stomach safely when taken after meals when the pH of the stomach is less acidic. Only weak, easily damaged microbiotic strains require enteric coating. Also, enteric coating unfortunately often uses plasticizers that contain pthalates.


Why do you use multiple strains of 'friendly' bacteria?

They are a synergistic blend of numerous bacterial strains that would normally reside in the gut. No one strain is working in isolation in the gut - they work in synergy together. Some bacteria are transient and repair what is needed in the gut and are dispelled in the faeces while other stay there and repopulate and multiply. They all have different jobs and target different regions, whilst in the bigger picture work together.

Acidophilus is not enough to take - it is only one strain working mainly high up in the small intestine and definitely not enough after antibiotic therapy as it will kill all  bacteria throughout the entire gut, therefore needing to repopulate the mix of different strains to ensure the future health of gut.


Why do you have age specific strengths?

The gut of a newborn infant is very different in size and diversity of bacteria types than an adolescent and to an older adult, therefore the supplement make up is determined by this data. The breakdown of which bacterial strain that is contained in each supplement is determined by studies.


Why are Udo’s Choice microbiotics so expensive?

The cost is reflective of the strain quality and the testing that goes into the blends. Each microbiotic strain selected is tested for its resistance to stomach acid and bile, its compatibility with other strains (very important for stability of formulas), its susceptibility to antibiotics, and its ability to colonize and grow in the human intestinal tract. All of the blends are also very high potency to ensure a high count of microbiotics even near their expiry. The glass bottles and metal lids also help ensure the stability and potency of the blends for the duration of their shelf life. All of these factors help ensure that you are really getting what you pay for with the Udo’s Choice Microbiotic Blends. The formulas have been continuously updated and improved over the years, including even the non-medicinal ingredients to ensure you are getting a microbiotic designed for intestinal health.