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Beyond Greens Ingedients


So just what magic ingredients does Beyond Greens contain?

The list is long and covers lots of nutritional bases. Let’s start with the superfoods – of which there are many – most notably concentrates of carrot, tomato, beet, broccoli and kale. These provide a rich array of nutrients. In fact, one small and convenient Beyond Greens serving is worth two servings of veg, meaning it provides a big helping hand when it comes to meeting the five-a-day prescribed minimum for health.

Next, let’s look at Beyond Greens blend of fermented barley, oat, wheat and alfalfa grasses. While these grasses are rich in phytonutrients in any form, the fermenting processes brings further important benefits. Sugars and proteins are pre-digested for enhanced absorption; there is less indigestion and fermentation makes for more bioavailable B vitamins. They play all kinds of important roles in the body including helping us convert food into energy and helping us cope with stress.

Then there are the seed oils: flax, sesame and sunflower. These are rich sources of Essential Fatty Acids which every cell of the body needs for proper development, optimal function and structural renewal. They benefit inflammation, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and neural functions as well as brain function, hormonal health, child development, bone strength and insulin function. EFA's even effect how we burn fat and they decrease fat production and storage. We don’t just need them; we really need them.

Beyond Greens contains seaweed for important minerals including iodine which helps regulate thyroid function. The thyroid is responsible for many important hormones including those which control metabolism and weight gain. Meanwhile, the ‘super-algae’ chlorella and spirulina provide an incredible suite of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that do tasks as diverse and amazing as regulating blood sugar and cholesterol, supporting immune function and detoxifying. Herbal antioxidants protect cells while liquorice and ginger roots ease inflammation and, along with cinnamon bark, combat bacteria.

The body is complex. That’s why we need a diverse intake of nutrients. Beyond Greens, with its 45 top quality, natural ingredients, meets our nutritional needs providing all the benefits of juicing vegetables without the sugar.