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Joints are where bones meet. Made up of cartilage, a flexible, protective substance, and synovial fluid which reduces friction, they enable useful, flowing, beautiful movement. Joint pain, however, affects a majority of adults. Usually a result of wear and tear, athletes and older people suffer more.

Inflammation is a major factor when it comes to joint pain. Of course, inflammation is not always a bad thing: in times of injury, inflammation is great. It helps with healing and tackles infection, but chronic inflammation is associated with an overactive immune response which is stressful for the body and it can lead to forms of arthritis. There are several different causes of what we call arthritis, ranging from old injuries to these chronic autoimmune conditions but they all feature joint pain and swelling and they can effect mobility.

Udo's Oil For Joints

Udo’s Oil can ease inflammation in a number of intriguing ways. Firstly, the Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids in Udo’s Oil convert into anti-inflammatory compounds called resolvins, which are both powerful and completely natural. 

Secondly, every single cell in the body benefits from Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids as the cell membrane itself is composed of fat. They also contribute to all kinds of complex functions. We know now that the systems of the body are hugely interdependent; medicine leans more and more towards whole health. A body with adequate levels of fatty acids is a more efficient body, which makes better use of nutrients and is better equipped to fight inflammation naturally.

We also need to reduce or try to reduce exposure to toxic molecules which trigger an inflammatory response. Avoiding processed food is a good place to start, as modern processing techniques damage oils and turn them toxic.

Joint pain isn’t inevitable; taking Udo’s Oil may be one of the easiest and most comprehensive ways to manage it. The evidence certainly points that way: in an important study, Danish athletes reported a reduction in joint pain and tenderness thanks to Udo’s Oil. 

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