David Gillick's Breakfast Smoothie with Udo's Oil


Watch David Gillick Power Up his Day with his
breakfast smoothie recipe.

Watch David Gillick Power Up his Day with his breakfast smoothie recipe.

David Gillick is a retired international athlete, winner of Celebrity MasterChef and author of David Gillick's Kitchen.Udos Oil
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Find out how David Gillick gets a head start on his day!

Where would I be without looking after my energy levels? Everything I do and love has involved putting lots in – and getting lots out: I’m a retired 400m European Indoor Champion turned Irish Celebrity Masterchef winner, columnist and cookbook author. And if that doesn’t all sound demanding enough, I’m also a proud but tired new Dad. So I really know what it takes to keep up the pace. It means looking after yourself - and that starts with a good breakfast.

So what exactly is a good breakfast? The kind that makes you feel full and happy for longer and powers up your metabolism to keep you slim and energised? That breakfast should include protein (eggs, meat, beans, nuts, yoghurt) to build and repair cells while giving you a contented feeling of fullness. Combine protein with complex carbs (think brown not white) for a slower release of energy to beat the mid-morning slump.

It should also be rich in good fats, particularly Omegas 3, 6 and 9, which are essential for human wellbeing. They play a vital role in brain, heart and skin health, keeping us physically and emotionally strong. They are also widely used to keep joints fit and supple – something I’m very conscious of as a former athlete – and the nervous system relies on these fatty acids for optimal function. We really need them, but as our bodies can’t produce omegas, we have to get them from food. The best sources include oily fish such as salmon, herring or mackerel; nuts, seeds and oils made from them, leafy greens such as kale, olive oil and the wonderful avocado.

In reality, even with the best of intentions, most of us aren’t consuming enough omegas, yet we can’t afford to be depleted, so I always recommend topping up with a quality source like Udo’s Oil. The richest vegetarian source of omega fatty acids in Ireland, Udo’s Oil contains flaxseed which has twice the omegas of fish oil, as well as a host of other healthful ingredients such as sesame oil, evening primrose oil and soy lecithin for added vitamins, antioxidants and great taste. Drizzle Udo’s Oil over salads, add it to soups and smoothies or simple consume straight for a fast, simple and important omega hit.

So what are the breakfast no-no’s? Avoid sugary boxed cereals. They’re bad news. A sugar high first thing might seem sweet but by mid-morning, it’s a case of crash and burn. Likewise avoid anything described as ‘low fat’ because that’s often a pseudonym for high sugar and as we now know, good fats are amazing.

No time in the morning? No appetite? Well, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Watch my favorite quick, light and healthy smoothie recipe.

And whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast. Your day needs you!

Udo's Oil is available from Health Stores, Pharmacies and Online