Susan Jane White's Top 10 Digestive Tips


Live television can especially make Susan Jane’s tummy misbehave. Here are her top tips for beating the bloat and caring for digestive health...


1. Make friends with peppermint tea.

Fantastically refreshing, and surprisingly effective in the crusade against bloating.

2. Long, deep breaths.

This is no hippy method! Stress biologically makes our digestive system misbehave. Meditation or breathing exercises can help calm the mind. Both will benefit your adrenal glands and digestion.

3. Udo’s Choice Super 8

Especially after an illness or a course of antibiotics. One high-strength capsule is the equivalent of a wheelbarrow’s worth of live natural yoghurt. They’re my biggest ally.

4. Try not to eat 2-3 hours before sleeping.

You’ll feel groggy in the morning if your body has to work hard at digesting while you snooze, rather than rejuvenating and healing. Your body has more important things to be doing during the night, including the production of our body’s growth hormone to fight the aging process. This can’t be done on a full tummy.

5. Ginger can help ease giddy tummies.

Let some freshly grated ginger party with a mug of warm water, honey and lemon. I keep a chunk of unpeeled organic ginger in the freezer, ready to grate into my teas when required.

6. Sauerkraut before meals.

Homemade sauerkraut holds a good amount of gut-friendly bacteria and enzymes. You’ll notice just one spoonful can help kickstart the digestive process. Gloriously refreshing.

7. Avoid pesky carbonated drinks, which will add to bloatedness.


8. Constipation ain’t sexy.

Try adding soaked flaxseed to your diet. Remember, our skin is our largest excretory organ. If your gut is suffering, your skin will show it.

9. Chew each forkful of food for twice as long. 

The digestive process starts in our mouth, with important digestive enzymes. So give them a chance to do their job. .

10Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzymes

An excellent ally to have in your fridge when your body is struggling with a heavy meal. And especially when convalescing, either during or after an illness.

Susan Jane White is Ireland’s most popular health food columnist, and is the author of number one bestselling cookbooks ‘The Extra Virgin Kitchen’ and ‘The Virtuous Tart’.