Your Guide to Friendly Bacteria


Nutritional Cook Susan Jane White shares her top tips for selecting a "friendly" bacteria pal

Udo’s Choice microbiotics are always live, fresh and active – everything you want from a good bacteria pal.

I store my milk the same way as I store my microbiotics – chill them in the fridge! They are live and active. That’s their natural home, right?

Of course you can buy milk from the grocer’s shelves that will probably last for two years in your cupboard. But that ain’t what I call fresh my friends. It’s certainly not what I term ‘active.’ I feel the same about high performance microbiotics.


So how do I choose the right microbiotic? This is my checklist, when my pipes need a party...

1. Live and refrigerated? 

Yup. But don’t worry – you can still travel with Udo’s Choice microbiotics and leave them un-refrigerated for short spells of time. Phew.

Udo's Choice Super 82. Age specific strengths? 

Very handy – especially the sucky ones for my children (Super 5). The Infant’s powdered microbiotics is a cinch to sneak into their food too. High five.

3. Multiple strains of good bacteria? 

Udo’s Choice microbiotics are not nicknamed “Superhero 8” for nothing! They should probably start putting little red cloaks on the bottles too.

4. Sugar-free? Additive-free?

Thankfully yes.

5. Do they actually work?

By golly they do! I swear by Udo’s Choice.


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