How to Get the Udo's Effect


Fitness expert Pat Divilly talks confidence, health and how you can get The Udo's Effect.

How can everyone be healthier? You need to find the pillars of health and address them rather than getting caught up in chasing a secret exercise, food, or magic pill. I ask myself, "what are the big dominoes with health; the things that will give me or my client the biggest impact without having to turn my life upside down?" Improving hydration or sleep, taking in more healthy fats or green vegetables, practicing mindfulness and being more consistent with a progressive exercise plan are just some of the dominoes. They aren't massive changes but they do bring about fantastic results, and that's always my goal for a client - it's The Udo's Effect. A few key changes now that will ultimately create a healthy lifestyle in the long term.

Do you have a favourite saying or motto when it comes to exercise? Just 1% better every day. It's always been my motto and every year I see it being more relevant. When I see the guys I train  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with, the ones who have been training for three years longer than me, I always remind myself, they've just continued to show up consistently again and again. That's the secret to success in anything: If you show up consistently and focus on tiny improvements you'll amaze yourself. Everyone wants the quick result - they dabble in something new, become frustrated when they aren't as good as other people, and then throw in the towel. Remove the need to be as good or better than other people and just commit to being better than you were yesterday. That's the secret.

 Why is having the right mindset so important? I think we forget sometimes that we talk to ourselves more than we talk to anyone else in this world, so we can be our biggest critic or our biggest cheerleader. Mindset is about harnessing that inner voice to be supportive on our journey.

 What do you believe holds people back from reaching their goals? I think it's a lack of clarity. This comes down to being crystal clear on what you'd like to accomplish. It's not enough to say you want to be healthy, or you want to lose weight. That's not tangible, and so it's like getting in a car and going on a journey with no idea of your destination. You could drive for days and get nowhere. Having clarity as to where you are going is like having a destination to put in the GPS.

What are five ways in which people can improve their lives in 2018?
1. Take 15-30 minutes for yourself each morning before you start looking at other people's lives on social media or in the real world. Take that time for the most important person in the world, YOU. Figure out a routine that works well for you. Nourish your body with a smoothie or water. Take your Udo's Oil, stretch or mediate, or even write in a journal. Taking control puts you in a pro-active state for the day, rather than re-active.
2. Get in the habit of jotting down three things you are grateful for every morning, and three things that you did well that day every evening. Start being your biggest supporter, not your biggest critic.
3. Make yourself publicly accountable. Set a goal that's outside of your current comfort zone and find a coach, mentor, trainer or friend who can support you and help you reach that new result. The fastest way to get somewhere new is to find someone who's been there and get their guidance.
4. Review your weeks. Each Sunday sit down and ask what was the biggest lesson I learnt this week and how can I implement that lesson in the upcoming week. Imagine the value in finishing 2018 having learnt and implemented 52 life lessons?!
5. Live with the intention of "1% better every day". No more competing or comparing with other people. Just focus on being better today than you were yesterday. This can apply with your health, your work, your happiness, your relationship or any other area.

Tell us what you love most about Udo's Oil? I love the convenience of Udo's Oil. I can take it off the spoon, fire it in a smoothie or drizzle over my soup or salad. I know they've put together the perfect blend of Omega 3 and 6 and that the quality is top class. I also appreciate the effort Udo Erasmus makes to educate people on the benefits of good fats and oils and, just as important, the dangers of bad fats. His story and background shows that he's coming from a genuine place of trying to help people find a new level of vitality.

 Why are Omegas so important? Omega 3 and 6 are essential for good health, but the body can't make them so they've got to come through food. Omega 3 helps with brain, heart and vision health. Over the years the ratios of Omega 3 to Omega 6 that we take in through our standard diet has changed dramatically. We're taking in a much larger amount of Omega 6 proportionately which has led to increased inflammation, perhaps a contributing factor in increases of chronic disease. The standard American diet sees some people taking in up to 20 times more Omega 6 compared to 3, in comparison to a much healthier diet like the Mediterranean one where that balance is much more even. A blend like Udo's Oil brings the perfect ratio of Omega 3 and 6 together to ensure we get the benefits of both.

What's the number one piece of advice you can give people if they want to look and feel better in 2018? That's easy. If you compete with other people in life, or compare yourself to others, you'll always be chasing. If you compete only with who you were yesterday you'll be growing in confidence every day of your life. It really is that simple, trust me.



1. Remove any guilt around food. Instead of calling foods "good" or "bad", begin to take notice of how they make you feel. How is your energy after a certain food? Saying you ate "badly" yesterday will give you feelings of failure and you'll be down on yourself. Saying the foods you ate yesterday didn't give you good energy will make you more likely to make different choices.
2. Stay hydrated! 60% of your body is water and most of us are walking around dehydrated. Drink two-to-three litres a day. If you aren't used to drinking lots of water leave bottles at the front door, in the car and in the office where you'll see them all the time.
3. Increase your fat intake. Use a quality blend like Udo's Oil in your smoothies or to dress salads and you'll easily get in greater quality Omega 3 and 6 from high-quality organic sources in the perfect ratio.
4. Eat more cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, spinach, watercress and kale. There's literally thousands of diet books out there now and you'll be hard-pressed to find one that doesn't note the importance of veggies.
5. Eat mindfully. Slow down, maybe even hold your fork with your weaker hand. Really enjoy your food and notice how you feel before, during and after eating your meals. Often times we live on auto-pilot and have our food swallowed without even tasting it. Remember food is there to nourish your body, but it should also be enjoyed. .

Udo's Oil is available in health stores and pharmacies nationwide.