Omega Ice Lollies

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Ice lollies

Courtesy of Kerry O’Connor, Nutritional Therapist

Serves 4



1 large carton/ 250gr of organic plain live yoghurt

Add a Super 8 capsule for a ‘friendly’ bacteria boost too!

2 handfuls of mixed berries

5 tbsp Udo’s Oil

2 tsps Manuka Health Manuka honey



Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend into a smooth puree. Pour the mixture into your ice lolly moulds and put in freezer for around 3 hours. Ready to go ice lolly full of goodness.


Nutritional Benefits

Live Yoghurt: Good source of calcium, protein and friendly bacteria to help protect bones and teeth and support digestive function.

Mixed Berries: Nutrient Dense. source of antioxidants, phytochemicals, soluble fibre and vitamins and minerals.

Udos Oil: Rich organic source of essential fats, ideal for pregnancy and children to help support the development of the brain and eyesight.