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Pregnancy & Udo's Oil


Pregnancy really is a magical time, not least because the body goes through enormous changes, effecting every system.

The volume of blood in a woman’s body doubles. The hormonal changes are transformative and they happen fast: by full term, a pregnant woman produces more oestrogen in one day than she does in three years of normal non-pregnant life. The uterus expands to five hundred times its previous size, stretching lots of skin along with it. And that’s all before the trials of birth, breastfeeding and caring for a new-born.

Good nutrition is vital during pregnancy. That’s because at this most physically challenging of times, nature has designed it so that the very best of the nutrients go first to the developing foetus. If the mother’s not careful she can easily become depleted, leading to poor physical condition and lack of energy.

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids are especially important during pregnancy because they are known to affect every cell in the body.Studies have shown that they benefit the cardiovascular system which works hard during pregnancy; the heart even increases in size to cope with the extra volume of blood. They keep joints supple and therefore better able to support a heavier pregnant body. Fatty acids also help skin stay smooth and hydrated, reducing the likelihood of stretchmarks. They are known to help regulate hormones and numerous studies have shown that they effect mental and emotional health, which is hugely important at this time of great change. Udo’s Oil Essential Fatty Acids are also important post-pregnancy when the baby takes no less than 11g of fat a day from the breastfeeding mother.

So what about junior? The fatty acids in Udo’s Oil are crucial for baby’s developing brain and eyesight. In fact, one study has shown babies born to mothers with higher levels of the Omega 3 fatty acid DHA while pregnant had better attention spans well into their second year of life. Time and time again, researchers have been able to link good Omega 3 levels in infants and children with better behaviour. Those with adequate levels are simply calmer.

Reach for trusted Udo’s Oil to give yourself and baby the best start at this exciting time.


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