5 Simple Steps to a Super Salad


Here are Maggie Lynch's top five tips for the perfect salad;

Fresh Ingredients

1. Ingredients

Use fresh, local and organic if possible, especially when it comes to salad leaves and vegetables. The fresher the salad leaves, the more flavour they have. 

2. Texture

Salads are all about varying textures: crunchy, crispy leaves and nuts, soft artisan cheeses, lentils with a tiny bite. Layer and gently toss together.


3. Colour

Think vibrant green leaves, bright orange squash, deep red beetroot, creamy cheese, and so on. We eat with our eyes too!


4. Seasoning

Use good quality oils, like Udo’s Choice, extra virgin olive oil, unrefined nut oils, coconut oil, etc. Add the best quality balsamic (I love Belazu), lemon juice, orange juice, garlic, ginger and spices. 

5. All Together Now

Salads are best dressed just before serving, as the oil tends to wilt the leaves and the vibrant colours start to fade.