Udo's Oil Testimonials

“I have been taking Udo's Oil for the last 3 years and it has made a difference to my complexion and the suppleness of my joints and overall energy and health.”

– Hugh, Sligo

"I love Udo's Oil and I have been taking it now for over 10 years. I find it great for my complexion and also I find it benefits my memory. As I was in the menopause I found my recall was not as sharp as it was. When I had taken Udo's Oil for a while on a regular basis I found my memory became much sharper. I can’t sing its praises enough."


"I love taking Udo's Oil. I stir the Oil into my salad dressings, yogurts and general cooking. My skin has greatly improved especially during the winter when it used to be so dry and dehydrated. It has got suppler and it looks much healthier and I can attribute this to my Udo's Oil. This summer I used much less primer, foundation and face powder because the condition of my skin has improved. The oil is easy to take and can be incorporated into my daily routine. I would recommend anyone to try Udo's Oil and see for themselves the benefits of this great product."

- Michelle 

"The main reason I take Udo's Oil is for my joints. A few years ago I noticed my joints were starting to get a little stiff especially after exercising. On the recommendation of a wonderful lady in my local health shop I started taking Udos oil and within a few weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my joints as well as having lovely shiny hair and great nails. At 47 years old I feel like a 20 year old. I attribute a lot of this to taking Udo's Oil every day!"


"Udo's Oil has done wonders at bringing the glow back to my dull lifeless hair and skin. My hair is shiny and bouncy and my skin is positively radiant these days!"

- Tanya

"I have been taking Udo's Oil for the last number of years on the advice of my local health store. As a regular 'keep fitter' I found my joints were beginning to ache so I mentioned it to the staff and they suggested Udo's Oil and I have to say I wouldn`t be without it. It not only reduced the aches and pains I also noticed my skin was more supple and less dry in appearance and I have no doubt that it helps with heart and brain function also. Its the COMPLETE ALL ROUNDER and it will always be in my fridge."

 - Mary 

"Udo's Oil makes me feel better from the inside out, naturally. Life with three kids and a job is busy but Udo's Oil is easy to include in my daily routine and means I'm more energetic and better able to cope with whatever life throws at me"

- Debbie

"Udo's Oil is wonderful for the body. It keeps everything ticking over inside the body, proper engine oil! My hair, skin and nails have also benefited since I started taking Udo's Oil in my smoothies. I love to use it every day."

-  Grainne 

"I take Udo's Oil to help protect my heart and my joints. It helps improve my energy levels and allows me to take increased levels of aerobic exercise mainly walking."

- Patricia


"Udo's Oil tastes fantastic straight from the bottle. I will be 60 next month and I feel half my age now. I would recommend this fantastic oil to all ages, I will use it for life."

- Liam

"I suffer from dry skin on my legs and arms, especially throughout winter. My mum told me to try Udo's Oil and treat my dry skin from within and what do you know, it worked! I sometimes take it on its own with a shot of lemon juice after. Mostly, I make a salad dressing with Udo's Oil, lemon juice, mustard and coriander. It tastes amazing!"

-  Eimear