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What Are Microbiotics?

The human body is a living, breathing ecosystem, and just like a blossoming garden needs healthy soil, the digestive system needs a variety of bacteria. Microbiotics are the bacteria that live in the intestinal tract. Although the word bacteria isusually associated with germs and illness, bacteria are needed for the body to function normally.

Age, lifestyle and environmental factors such as poor eating habits, chlorinated drinking water, stress, disease, the use of antibiotics in food production as well as in medical treatments, traveller’s bugs, alcohol consumption, high sugar intake, ageing and a number of other factors can alter the balance of bacteria in the gut.


Who can take Microbiotics?

With Udo’s Choice age specific microbiotic blends they are suitable for all the family. Also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, vegans and vegetarians.

Choose the right product below for your needs:

> Super 5 Lozenges, 1 Billion good bacteria, 5+ Years

> Infant’s Blend Powder, 2 Billion good bacteria, 0-5 Years

> Children’s Blend Capsules, 4 Billion good bacteria, 5-15 Years

> Adult’s Blend Capsules, 12 Billion good bacteria, 16-65 Years

> Advanced Adults Blend Capsules, 24 Billion good bacteria, 65+ Years

> Super 8 Capsules, 42 Billion good bacteria, 5+ Years

> Super 8 Gold Caspules, 102 Billion good bacteria, 18+ Years